Nemomatic Portfolio book available at

Nemomatic: Then kinetic found object sculpture of Nemo Gould

Its been a long time in the making, but I finally have a book available for sale online.

It features 80 full color photos of some of my favorite works.  Check out for a free preview of the first 15 pages.


Sculpture exhibit opening at Device Gallery in San Diego

Once again Device Gallery in San Diego is putting on an awesome show of gadgety sculpture.  Some of you may be familiar with the book “Fantastic Contraption” that they released last year.  This show includes many of the artists who will be featured in their upcoming book “Reconstructed”.  The opening is tonight (Saturday July 18th from 6:30-9:30) and will run through August 29, 2009.  Device Gallery is doing a great job of defining the style of work that I and many of my colleagues are involved in.  It is once again an honor to be showing among so many artists that I admire.  I won’t be able to make it to this opening, but I’ll try to post some photos if I can get ahold of them.  There is also a nice preview of the works in the show in PDF format on the gallery’s website.


The Neuron Chamber on Laughing Squid

Burstein! over at Laughing Squid posted about The Neuron Chamber:

The Neuron Chamber:

The Neuron Chamber by Alan Rorie is an electro-kinetic sculpture of a steel and glass frame that contains hand-forged steel and copper model neurons. Even better, the neurons within the chamber create and send beautiful electrical arcs down the interior of the sculpture. These arcs do more than merely look pretty, but they have changed the sculpture itself by oxidizing its innards, giving it a new layer of color and depth.

Thanks Laughing Squid!

AKA@Maker Faire Bay Area 2009

Applied Kinetic Arts’ 40×40 gallery was filled to bursting all of both days of Maker Faire.  It was a beautiful show, and all tolled we took home 8 Editor’s Choice Awards – in individual ribbons Reuben Margolin got 3, Carl Pisaturo got 1, Alan Rorie got 1…AKA as a group was awarded 3.  We are extremely happy that so many people came to see the work, we really hope you all enjoyed stopping by.

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Greg Brotherton interviewed at Maker Faire

Applied Kinetic Arts at Maker Faire 2009


Applied Kinetic Arts’ next group show will be at Maker Faire 2009, San Mateo, CA, on May 30th and 31st.  Our gallery will be in the main Expo Hall.  Artists appearing will include: Nemo Gould, Benjamin Cowden, Jonathan Foote, Carl Pisaturo, Kal Spelletich, Greg Brotherton, Christopher T Palmer, Alan Rorie, Mark Galt, Janine Miller-Fritz, and Reuben Margolin.

Applied Kinetic Arts now has a group on Flickr

There is an AKA group photo pool on now dedicated to our artists, works, and shows.